Simcha Even-Chen

Simcha Even-Chen (1958, Israël) is practicing ceramic art for over 15 years and has become one of the leading ceramic artists in her country. She has an unusual background with a MSc and PhD in Human Microbiology and works besides her ceramic career as a senior scientist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Simcha Even-Chen uses ceramics to investigate the subject of dynamics of opposites. The dynamics of opposites is expressed in a way that juxtaposes the precise and controlled building and graphic design of the ceramic work with the unpredictable firing technique of naked raku.

The grid design used in her work is borrowed from the graphic millimetric sheets that are regularly used in presenting scientific results.

Her work has been selected and exhibited at many domestic and international exhibitions and have become part of private and museum collections. Simcha Even-Chen has been awarded with many prizes for her breathtaking work.