Suzanne Hartmans

Suzanne Hartmans (1969, The Netherlands) graduated from the School of Fine Art and Design in St.Joost to continue with a graduation from the reknowned Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. Between 1998 and 2004 she received numerous stipends and grants enabling her to further develop her career as an autonomous visual artist. Today she practices as an independent artist.

Her work evolves around playing with perception and optical illusion. In her graphic art the basis is a blind embossing technique. Repetition of the embossed relief in combination with an applied collage creates new images of light and movement. In her relief works she adds compositions of cardboard or balsa wood to create three dimensional wall sculptures. The interaction of changing daylight and changing points of view of the observer leads to ever different perceptions. Planes appear and disappear, reflections of colours or shapes are barely visible or suddenly become very dominant.

Her work features in many publications and is exhibited widely within as well as outside The Netherlands. Suzanne’s graphic art and reliefs are part of numerous corporate and private collections. She was nominated for various Dutch and European Graphics Art awards. Her work was selected for the main Dutch abstract-geometric and constructivist art exhibition Symposion 2015.