April 2023 – Visiting artists’ studios to select artworks for upcoming exhibitions and art fairs is always exciting. And visiting the studio of Polish-Dutch artist Eliza Kopec is no exception to this. All the more so because she is very versatile in her artistic expressions and regularly surprises with completely new bodies of work.

At the upcoming edition of Art Karlsruhe in Germany, Eliza’s desire to try all kinds of different techniques and materials is underlined with a selection of her latest intriguing but lesser-known artworks. For instance a new series of round wall reliefs including a blacker-than-black work, using a special matt black paint absorbing up to 99% of the visible light, making the relief itself hardly visible!

Variation rythmique by Olivier Julia

March 2023 – French born and Amsterdam living artist Olivier Julia has created a new body of work titled Variation rythmique. Based on meticulously made 14×14 cm relief blocks – from beautiful cut, hand-assembled and painted oakwood – this new series consists of seven different artworks that each will be made in an edition of three. The smallest artworks are Variation rythmique IA and IB, measuring 14×14 cm, the largest artwork is Variation rythmique IX, measuring 42×42 cm and consisting of nine rotated and assembled relief blocks.

This new series by Olivier Julia will be launched at the Affordable Art Fair in London Battersea this month and subsequently shown at Art Karlsruhe in May this year.

London Battersea Park will be full of art again!

February 2023 – Following a successful return to London last year – the first time after Brexit – we are happy to announce our second post-Brexit art fair next month. From Wednesday March 8 – Sunday March 12 our gallery will present a stunning range of artworks at Evolution London in Battersea Park.

We are showcasing paper artworks by Rogan Brown, Amy Genser and Eliza Kopec, stone wall sculptures by Dieter Kränzlein and Michiel Jansen, wood and acrylic paint reliefs by Olivier Julia, glass and plexiglass artworks by Freddie Soethout, Let de Kok, Sybille Pattscheck and Haringa + Olijve and of course the famous porcelain reliefs by London-based artist Kate Brett. Contact us at in case you are interested to receive free entrance tickets, make sure to visit us at stand I4!

Amy Gensers’ nature inspired paper reliefs

January 2023 – Arriving at the gallery this month are several new artworks by Connecticut-based artist Amy Genser. Carrying titles that speak to ones imagination such as Studio Sunset, Cradled, Kelp Rising and Stretch, her beautiful rolled mulberry paper reliefs on acrylic painted backdrops are truly amazing. She continues to be fascinated by the flow of water, the shape of beehives, and the organic irregularity of plants, flowers, rock formations, barnacles, moss, and seaweed. Her pieces bring to mind aerial landscape views, satellite imagery, and biological cellular processes.

Marking the 10th year of our cooperation we are happy to offer these new artworks to our European art lovers and collectors. Each work is framed in a bespoke white wooden frame with museum glass.