Ian Garrett

Ian Garrett (1971, South Africa) graduated with a BFA (sculpture) from Rhodes University and then moved on to graduate withan MFA cum laude in Ceramics from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

His work is strongly influenced by ancient ceramic techniques, by the methods invented by potters almost fifteen thousand years ago. He creates his work only using his hands, very simple tools and natural materials. His work is built with the coil and pinch technique.

After careful scraping and smoothing, lines are individually impressed into the clay with the edge of mussel shell and the surface is finely burnished with agate pebbles. The dried works are finally saggar-fired to achieve a lustrous black colour, using cow dung. Shaping and firing this way is difficult and time-consuming but makes each work unique.

The work of Ian Garrett is a frequent topic in thematic books and journal articles. His work has been exhibited all over South Africa and also in the USA and in the UK. His work is part of many private and corporate collections within and outside South Africa.