London inaugural Herman Coppus

May 2024 – Our return to the annual art fair in London Hampstead marks the introduction of new gallery artist Herman Coppus (NL). His work can best be seen in the light of the traditionalist modern movements of the last century. Constructivism and Geometric Abstraction are his sources of inspiration. Through the years he developed his own visual language with a pronounced attention to color, rhythm and light effects, which speaks to starting and more experienced art collectors alike.

At the London fair we are primarily showcasing the larger and smaller works from his renowned three-dimensional cube-composition wall reliefs made from meticulously cut, folded and glued paper. What stands out is the perfectionist attention to the execution aspect and care for the craftsmanship.

KunstRAI Art Amsterdam

April 2024 – The 39th edition of the KunstRAI Art Amsterdam has been a great success! More than 20.000 visitors entered the renowned RAI Parkhal to enjoy a variety of contemporary art. We were very happy with the large number of art lovers that visited our booth, which was praised by fair committee members for its unusual design and nice presentation of artworks.

Some worthwhile mentions: the Fenella Elms porcelain relief quickly found a new home, just like one of the Amy Genser mulberry paper reliefs and an Olivier Julia diptych. The large resin composite relief by Sander Jonker got itself a prime location and now enjoys a beautiful lake-view. And collectors interest in the acrylic sculptures by Haringa + Olijve was strong as ever!

Micro Macro – Amy Genser

March 2024 – Honoring 20 years of building a reputation as visual artist, it is with great pleasure that we present our latest publication, a 120+ pages full color monograph with dozens and dozens of images of her best works to date. Read about her way to the top, and indulge in the mesmerizing color schemes and intricate three-dimensional compositions of her material of choice: mulberry paper!

Although this monograph is primarily aimed at completing the libraries of collectors of her work, we are now offering a limited amount of copies to our international audience as well through our dedicated website And while we were at it, we added a few more monographs on other artists represented by our gallery as well.

Exciting return to Brussels

February 2024 – After four years of absence, we are happy to announce our return to the Affordable Art Fair Brussels in the great Tour & Taxis venue! The Covid-pandemic caused a major disruption of our regular art fair schedule because art fair organizers kept changing the dates. But this year we decided to go back to the beautiful “Capitol of Europe”.

From 7-11 February we will be showing a selection of our program, including new names such as Sander Jonker (resin composite) from The Netherlands, Dieter Kränzlein (marble and limestone), Sybille Pattscheck (encaustic) and Maximilian Verhas (bronze) from Germany and Rogan Brown (laser cut paper) from the UK. We are looking forward to welcome many Belgian art lovers at our stand D12!

Gallery40NL celebrates 3rd lustrum!

January 2024 – Exactly 15 years ago we founded our gallery and that is something we are quite proud of. Started in a small room as a hobby with glass objects from Hilary Crawford from Australia and ceramics from Michael Wisner from the USA, but now already a serious job for more than 10 years, which has brought us into contact with many art lovers all over the world.

Apparently our focus on abstract geometric and organic objects and reliefs appeals to many people. We plan to continue this for quite some time more, but first and foremost we would like to thank everyone for their interest and purchases that have enabled us to support our international roster of artists and now celebrate our third lustrum!