Javier Soto Nantes

Javier Soto Nantes (1960, Spain) is a practicing sculptor for more than a decade, in addition to his career as an aeronautic technician. Descending from an artistic family, he studied and taught himself the fine art of alabaster sculpting.

He has chosen the strict abstract geometrical language to express his ideas and feelings. Only right angles and straight lines are acceptable to him and materialise in shapes such as cubes, squares and rectangles. His work today consists of meticulously assembled alabaster elements, cut and polished with surgical precision.

The resulting architectural structures are complemented by a subtle addition of a light element creating almost meditative objects. His ultimate goal is to create spaces in which the limits can be explored of the visible and invisible, of the tangible and the intangible, and in which the energy of the work can be sensed.

The work of Javier Soto Nantes has been widely exhibited in Europe but on occasion also in Japan. In 2015 he was honoured with a solo exhibition called “Lux habitat” in the monumental Citadel in his hometown Pamplona.