Rob Zweerman

Rob Zweerman (1968, The Netherlands) originally graduated as an industrial designer and that is reflected in his work. His sculptures are a search for the combination of material and form. His sculptures are geometric masterpieces, abstract art with unparalleled contours, shapes blending together and surprising views. He draws his inspiration from things around him: a simple shape, a form in nature, a movement, a sensuous line in a body, a posture. It is always about the pure form: lines and surfaces flowing into each other, cutting through each other or forming solidified movements.

The basis of his sculptures goes back to his childhood. He remembers his surprise as a boy when diagonally cutting an aluminum tube resulted in a beautifully flowing ellipse. Since then, shapes and their possible modifications keep him fascinated. Every discovery that he does inspires new forms, lines and surfaces. The results again are the trigger for a new step, for him it is a continuous process. The possibilities and impossibilities of material and form challenge him. When they are in balance they form a beautiful unity that can last an eternity. He likes working to the limit of what is possible. To create complex forms to the extreme in different materials, by carving, cutting and finishing with a wide range of tools and techniques.

In the past ten years, Rob’s work has been exhibited regularly at exhibitions in The Netherlands and Belgium and is part of numerous private collections. In 2017 he was honoured with a commission for the Dutch Society for Industry and Trade to mark their 240th anniversary. His sculpture was presented to King Willem Alexander, patron of the society, and installed in the king’s office in the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague.