Sybille Pattscheck

Sybille Pattscheck (1958, Germany) graduated in 1986 from the Kunstakademie Münster where she studied under the renowned Professor Ulrich Erben. Today she works from her studio in Pulheim-Dansweiler, close to Cologne.

Her paintings are about the creation of light through color. The medium for this is transparent wax, applied to a variety of bodies, mostly plexiglass. The lightly colored wax is applied in thin layers with a wide brush until a body of color emerges that seems to glow from within. The final color impression, which is mainly created by optical color mixing in the eye of the beholder, she calls the found color. Due to the different luminosity of the colors that shine through the layers of wax, color and light become a fluctuating visual experience.

The sides of the body appear in a different color to contrast with the monochrome glow of the picture surface. The hue of the edge flows into the color field of the picture and creates a diffuse color space with boundless depth. The painting of the edge appears inside the picture as a colored immaterial light substance that makes the emptiness glow. The result is a diffuse, luminous color space that represents nothing but itself, but can nonetheless become a projection screen for numerous associations.

Sybille Pattschecks’ work has been widely discussed in professional publications and has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and North-America. Her work is part of numerous private and corporate collections.