Red, Blue & White – homage to Bob Bonies

November 2021 – Renowned Dutch artist couple Nel Haringa and Fred Olijve have created a new series of cube sculptures, dedicated to their good friend and colleague-artist Bob Bonies. The new sculptures are unique complex three-dimensional constructions built from transparent, red, blue and opaque white acrylic elements, reminiscent of the colour scheme so often used by Bob Bonies in his paintings.

During the fifties and sixties of last century a new generation of artists emerged in The Netherlands, adding a new chapter to geometric abstract art. Artist such as Joost Baljeu, Bob Bonies, Ad Dekkers and Peter Struycken are of real significance in this field, and Haringa and Olijve are part of this chapter too, not only because of their oeuvre but also because of their personal ties with Baljeu and Bonies.