Focus on Lille Art Up!

March 2022 – We are ready to kick off our 2022 art fair tour at Lille Art Up! This will be our first art fair in Lille, the capital of the French region Hauts-de-France, and home to approximately six million people. Uncharted territory for our gallery and artist portfolio, so we hope to meet many new art lovers of abstract geometric and abstract organic art works.

We are showing works from Olivier Julia, Michiel Jansen, Dieter Kränzlein, Mo Cornelisse, Eef de Graaf, Eliza Kopec, Kal Mansur, Freddie Soethout, Let de Kok, Kate Brett, Haringa Olijve en Henk van Putten. And especially for this occasion, we are also showing a few special works by acclaimed French artists Henri Prosi and Charles Bézie. Come and see their works at the Lille Grand Palais!