Art Karlsruhe 2023: the 20th anniversary!

May 2023 – Until the fair closes at 18.00 hrs on Sunday May 7, we are ready for and looking forward to meet with the roughly 40.000 visitors coming to the 20th edition of this International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art. The art fair is open to all art lovers and offers artworks in all price ranges, making it both a platform for established collectors and a space for new collectors to discover new art.

Similar to our earlier participations, we are presenting abstract geometric and organic artworks from Olivier Julia, Eliza Kopec, Haringa + Olijve, Michiel Jansen, Let de Kok, Eef de Graaf, Henk van Putten, Kate Brett, Amy Genser, Rogan Brown, Dieter Kränzlein, Freddie Soethout and Sybille Pattscheck.