Brass miniatures by Henk van Putten

November 2018 – We are proud to announce that renowned Dutch artist Henk van Putten has chosen our gallery to exclusively launch his new solid brass miniature series. Henk’s well known work consists of both small and very large scale indoor and outdoor geometric sculptures and his work is part of many public and private collections in The Netherlands and abroad. He has recently decided to recreate all the important sculpture designs he has ever made in a small solid brass miniature version, each in a limited edition.

At this stage fifteen different solid brass miniatures are ready to be launched. The sizes vary roughly between 4x4x4 and 6x4x4 cm but even so these small sculptures weigh roughly between 300 and 600 grams! The miniatures are of course not meant to fill rooms or large open spaces, but are rather little gems that will proudly sit on smaller art shelves, in treasure cabinets or even can be used as a unique art work presse-papier! Each work comes in a little bespoke box in a linnen gift bag, honouring the craftsmen and women in India, the country where he lives and works since 2005.