Galerie NUMMER40 becomes Gallery40NL

October 2018 –¬†From now on the gallery will go by its new name Gallery40NL, or Gallery40 in everyday speech! Nearly 10 years have gone by since the start of our gallery in 2009. The name giver of the gallery was the big number 40, painted on the front facade of what is now our gallery and home. But originally this big painted number 40 has been a local landmark since the early ’60s when the house was designed and built by Dutch architect Alexander Giesen for his own family.

The initial aim of our gallery was to promote international artists to Dutch art lovers and hence the decision to incorporate the Dutch word NUMMER (i.e. number) in the gallery’s name and use the Dutch word galerie instead of the English gallery. In the past five years we have however taken a slight turn and we are now promoting a mixed Dutch and international artist base to a predominantly international audience, although our Dutch collectors form a substantial part of our followers. To reflect this change, we have chosen to continue with a more internationally focussed name but still respecting the big number 40 that continues to show from our front facade as well as our presence in the Dutch art scene. The result: Gallery40NL!