Eliza Kopec

Stella V

Epoxy resin, pigments
45x11 cm (diameter x depth)
On request
Rates vary by destination

Stella V is a unique round contemporary mixed media wall sculpture relief by renowned Polish-Dutch artist Eliza Kopec. This relief is part of a new body of work that she started in 2019, continuing her examination of the possibilities of cast resin with enclosed objects. Even though Eliza’s reputation is based on her geometric paintings and paper reliefs, she needs to experiment with new materials and new visual vocabularies. After spending months getting accustomed to the characteristics and possibilities of epoxy resin she finally managed to make the larger Stella works such as this one. This body of work continues to show her fascination with circular objects and meticulously made shapes. The Stella objects are true eye-catchers on the wall and can be combined with the smaller Planeta objects to complete wall installations.

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