Exhibition spaces

Gallery40NL occupies the three central spaces of the 1963 modernist architecture building and has its own entry through the sculpture garden. The main space is used to exhibit medium to large sized wall sculptures and reliefs, as well as small and medium sized free standing sculptures. The smaller rear space is used as gallery office but also shows small to medium sized sculptures and reliefs. The loft space on the first floor holds a number of glass display cabinets in which smaller free standing sculptures are presented, besides more sculptures and reliefs on plinths and walls. Usually a selection of around hundred art objects is on show in the three spaces and the sculpture garden combined.

The gallery can be visited during announced exhibitions and further by personal appointment. Once a year, art lovers and collectors are invited to the annual Art Salon. For this event the owners’ private quarters are converted to an extension of the regular gallery spaces and host a variety of art objects as well, illustrating the practical possibilities of living with art.