Sculpture garden

The devastating storm from January 2018 meant the end for most of the over 50 year old trees behind our home and gallery. What was until then the edge of the forest, suddenly was turned into a big open space. We decided to see it as an opportunity, the nearly 1,000 square meter plot was well suited to present sculptures for outside spaces. We decided to create a small but accessible forest-like terrain hiding small and medium sized abstract sculptures. Inspiration we found in the tiny forest concept from Shubhendu Sharma, using native trees and shrubbery, creating a dense vegetation, letting all grow more or less freely and leaving dead material from trees and shrubbery where it falls.

So, we planted hundreds of ground covering plants and dozens of trees and underbrush. It will still take some time to see the space turn into a real tiny forest, but for the moment we already tremendously enjoy the first results. And we hope that visitors of our tiny sculpture forest will be thoroughly inspired by both the great sculptures as well as the natural surroundings!