Magic Circle Mother Cell & Constellation

December 2022 – French based artist Rogan Brown has gained quite a reputation with his incredible laser-cut hand-mounted paper reliefs. Over the years our gallery has regularly shown works by Rogan, varying from earlier works such as Control X2 and Vortex, the popular Magic Circles, to his most recent (Ghost) Coral (Flower) series.

He has recently created a new interpretation of his Magic Circles, adding amazingly complex “deep” graphic elements that he also has used before in his Coral-series. This has resulted in works with a totally new visual vocabulary, such as Magic Circle Mother Cell and Magic Circle Constellation. We are planning to show these new works at our first art fairs of 2023.

Ready for the Lausanne Art Fair 2022

September 2022 – Returning to Switzerland is always a pleasure! We are ready to open our booth at the Lausanne Art Fair, edition 2022, and looking forward to show new works by Freddie Soethout, Sybille Pattscheck, Dieter Kränzlein, Olivier Julia, Eliza Kopec, Sabine Lintzen, Michiel Jansen, Haringa + Olijve, Kate Brett and Mari-Ruth Oda.

From Thursday September 29 – Sunday October 2 the Halles Sud of the magnificent Expo Beaulieu will offer a wide variety of mostly contemporary art from all over Europe. If you are interested to visit us and be amazed by the artworks from our much appreciated artists, please send us an email at, and we will be happy to meet you at our stand no. 32!

Sybille Pattscheck joins Gallery40NL

August 2022 – It is with much pleasure that we announce our cooperation with German artist Sybille Pattscheck, a graduate from the Kunstakademie Münster where she studied under Professor Ulrich Erben. Sybille has an outstanding international reputation and is well known for her wax paintings. Her work has been widely discussed in professional publications, has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and North-America and is part of numerous private and corporate collections.

Sybilles work will be presented by us in gallery exhibitions and at national and international art fairs. To start with, after the summer break her work can be seen at our upcoming art fairs in Lausanne (Switzerland, September), Amsterdam (Netherlands, October) and Hamburg (Germany, November).

Summer edition Art Karlsruhe

July 2022 – Art Karlsruhe, the International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art, is ready to open its doors from the 6th to the 10th of July. Due to the local Covid-related situation in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Messe Karlsruhe had decided to move the fair from its regular date in February to July, which makes it the first exciting summer edition since its start in 2004.

Gallery40NL will present a range of international artists including Olivier Julia, Eliza Kopec, Kate Brett, Rogan Brown, Haringa + Olijve, Dieter Kränzlein, Let de Kok, Eduardo Lacoma, Michiel Jansen, Mari-Ruth Oda, Eef de Graaf and Sabine Lintzen. And a special mention is the presentation of Freddie Soethout’s new body of work “farben sind fliehende formen” that will be officially shown for the first time!

Art Laren: unique event under the trees!

June 2022 – Art Laren is returning with its 26th edition to the center of Laren, the picturesque village in the province of Noord-Holland. On the green grass of the Brink, around the famous Coeswaarde pond, a large number of Dutch and international galleries are showing mainly contemporary (inter)national art.

In the open air, under the shady foliage of the old oaks on the Brink, dozens of pavilions will host the most diverse art works waiting to be admired and hopefully to be taken to new homes. Due to its location, Art Laren is characterized by a special atmosphere that can be called unique for the Netherlands and far beyond. Come visit from Friday June 17 – Sunday June 19. Mail us for free entrance tickets at!

Winner Curatorial Excellence Award

May 2022 – It was an honour to receive the first AAF London Hampstead Curatorial Excellence Award, juried by independent experts Sandy Nairne and Selina Skipwith and fair director Hugo Barclay. Over the years we have honed our presentation to make each individual art work presented on our stand get the special attention it deserves. We believe strongly that less is more.

The positive comments from the many returning visitors to our booths have always confirmed our vision, but being chosen by this independent jury from over one hundred British and international galleries really feels good. A quote from Sandy Nairne: “I admired the carefully balanced, well-judged selection and hang by Gallery40NL – both effective and elegant” . We are very proud indeed!

The wonderful glass objects of Sabine Lintzen

April 2022 – In her new bodies of work Common Ray and Bright Fields renowned German-Dutch artist Sabine Lintzen creates beautiful objects by combining colourful murrini glass discs with large transparent vessels. It is as if biological cells have attached themselves to a bigger organism and have formed one system together. The brilliance of the objects radiates luxury and combines power with the fragility of the glass.

We look forward to present Sabine Lintzens’ works from the Common Ray and Bright Fields series to the many art lovers that visit our gallery at the scheduled upcoming art fairs in Stockholm, Sweden, in Karlsruhe and Hamburg, Germany, and in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Focus on Lille Art Up!

March 2022 – We are ready to kick off our 2022 art fair tour at Lille Art Up! This will be our first art fair in Lille, the capital of the French region Hauts-de-France, and home to approximately six million people. Uncharted territory for our gallery and artist portfolio, so we hope to meet many new art lovers of abstract geometric and abstract organic art works.

We are showing works from Olivier Julia, Michiel Jansen, Dieter Kränzlein, Mo Cornelisse, Eef de Graaf, Eliza Kopec, Kal Mansur, Freddie Soethout, Let de Kok, Kate Brett, Haringa Olijve en Henk van Putten. And especially for this occasion, we are also showing a few special works by acclaimed French artists Henri Prosi and Charles Bézie. Come and see their works at the Lille Grand Palais!

New Jesmonite works by Mari-Ruth Oda

February 2022 – We are very happy to announce our renewed cooperation with Japanese-British artist Mari-Ruth Oda. Between 2012 and 2016 our gallery presented her fabulous ceramic wall sculptures which were received with great enthusiasm by a wide European audience. Since her move a few years back from Manchester to the rural countryside of Wales, she has extensively explored the possibilities of Jesmonite – a stone and resin based composite material – to make new bodies of work.

Currently we have two new series of wall sculptures available that are made with this material, one series of honey-coloured Bath stone works measuring 25x25x7 cm, and one series of nature inspired charcoal black works measuring 29x18x4 cm. We look forward to present you these works!

May many new artworks be with you this year!

January 2022 – Our gallery wishes all art lovers a healthy and prosperous 2022 and sincerely hope that we can bring you many new artworks at the various events that we have scheduled for this year. We were looking forward to Art Karlsruhe mid-February as our kick-off for 2022, but due to corona-related restrictions the organiser has wisely decided to postpone this art fair to July. The first art fair we will now present the works of our hopeful artists is Lille Art Up! in France which is scheduled to take place in March at the magnificent Lille Grand Palais.

Until then we invite you to keep an eye out for new works on our website. Currently we offer Call & Collect or Mail & Ship with global coverage, so no need to miss out on something special…