Art Fairs Galore…

November 2023 – It is that part of the year again, where all art fair organizers try to find a free spot on the calendar… We are just back from a fairly good Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg (our 10th edition!) after a less successful than usual Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm a few weeks earlier in October. And we are now ready for our last art fair of this year: ST-ART in Strasbourg, France. A new art fair to our gallery, but with a proven track record of  26 editions before.

We hope to find a new audience of art lovers and collectors for our collection of abstract geometric and organic artworks. A cross section of our portfolio can be seen in Halls 2 and 3 of the Nouveau Parc des Expositions at the foot of the banks of the Aar river.

Introducing Dutch artist Sander Martijn Jonker

October 2023 – We are very happy to welcome Sander Jonker, the third new addition to our roster of artists this year. Sander is well known for his minimalist reliefs.  He makes two- and three-dimensional works that play with the tension between abstraction and representation, surface and space. Light, shadow and their elusive ever-changing properties play an important role. Although the resulting works are abstract, he uses everyday reality as a starting and/or reference point.

We expect his work to appeal to a wide audience, including younger collectors who are making their first steps in the world of art. Like with the other new artist, his work can be seen first at our art fairs in Stockholm, Hamburg and Strasbourg.

Bronze sculptures by Maximilian Verhas

September 2023 – Berlin based visual artist Maximilian Verhas has already established himself as a renowned sculptor for many years, and we had the pleasure to get to know him at the this years’ edition of Art Karlsruhe. Maximilian’s material of preference is bronze, although he works occasionally in other materials as well.

His geometric and organic works fit perfectly in our portfolio and we are excited to show his bronze sculptures in combination with the works from our other artists. At the upcoming art fairs in Stockholm, Hamburg and Strasbourg we will be showing a first selection of works.

Lynne Meade: amazing Californian ceramics

August 2023 – During our July trip to the USA we also had the pleasure to meet in person with Oakland-based ceramic artist Lynne Meade. Having discovered her signature pierced ceramic objects a little earlier, it was really nice to discuss her career so far and make arrangements to introduce her work in Europe.

A typical selection of her wheel-thrown, hand-pierced ceramic objects has arrived this month, and we are looking forward to show her works at the upcoming art fairs in Stockholm, Hamburg and Strasbourg.


Studio visit Amy Genser in West Hartford

July 2023 – Having presented the intricate mulberry paper reliefs by Amy Genser for 10 years, it was the right time to pay her a visit in her studio in Connecticut, USA, and catch up on the details of her latest projects, among which her more than life size installation titled “Shifting” on show for more than two years at the Fuller Craft Museum.

Quite a bit of time was spent on discussing her biography, from the time she was a young girl in an art loving family to becoming a leading 21st century paper artist. We have planned to publish a monography on Amy and her work towards the end of this year. This monography will be issued primarily to European collectors of her work.

Let de Kok: 15 years of geometric abstraction

June 2023 – As a part of our annual art salon, we are dedicating one of our main exhibition spaces to the sculptures and reliefs of Let de Kok. Graduated at the fairly late age of fifty-five from the renowned SBB ceramics academy, she quickly made a name for herself with her characteristic geometric sinter engobe finished ceramic objects. And when she changed to using glass and vinyl to start making her special reliefs, she added another spectacular layer to her career and portfolio.

With the support of design partner Studio Wezendonk and printing partner Chris Russell we have published a full-colour monography on Let and her work which is marking her 15th anniversary as a visual artist.

Art Karlsruhe 2023: the 20th anniversary!

May 2023 – Until the fair closes at 18.00 hrs on Sunday May 7, we are ready for and looking forward to meet with the roughly 40.000 visitors coming to the 20th edition of this International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art. The art fair is open to all art lovers and offers artworks in all price ranges, making it both a platform for established collectors and a space for new collectors to discover new art.

Similar to our earlier participations, we are presenting abstract geometric and organic artworks from Olivier Julia, Eliza Kopec, Haringa + Olijve, Michiel Jansen, Let de Kok, Eef de Graaf, Henk van Putten, Kate Brett, Amy Genser, Rogan Brown, Dieter Kränzlein, Freddie Soethout and Sybille Pattscheck.


April 2023 – Visiting artists’ studios to select artworks for upcoming exhibitions and art fairs is always exciting. And visiting the studio of Polish-Dutch artist Eliza Kopec is no exception to this. All the more so because she is very versatile in her artistic expressions and regularly surprises with completely new bodies of work.

At the upcoming edition of Art Karlsruhe in Germany, Eliza’s desire to try all kinds of different techniques and materials is underlined with a selection of her latest intriguing but lesser-known artworks. For instance a new series of round wall reliefs including a blacker-than-black work, using a special matt black paint absorbing up to 99% of the visible light, making the relief itself hardly visible!

Variation rythmique by Olivier Julia

March 2023 – French born and Amsterdam living artist Olivier Julia has created a new body of work titled Variation rythmique. Based on meticulously made 14×14 cm relief blocks – from beautiful cut, hand-assembled and painted oakwood – this new series consists of seven different artworks that each will be made in an edition of three. The smallest artworks are Variation rythmique IA and IB, measuring 14×14 cm, the largest artwork is Variation rythmique IX, measuring 42×42 cm and consisting of nine rotated and assembled relief blocks.

This new series by Olivier Julia will be launched at the Affordable Art Fair in London Battersea this month and subsequently shown at Art Karlsruhe in May this year.

London Battersea Park will be full of art again!

February 2023 – Following a successful return to London last year – the first time after Brexit – we are happy to announce our second post-Brexit art fair next month. From Wednesday March 8 – Sunday March 12 our gallery will present a stunning range of artworks at Evolution London in Battersea Park.

We are showcasing paper artworks by Rogan Brown, Amy Genser and Eliza Kopec, stone wall sculptures by Dieter Kränzlein and Michiel Jansen, wood and acrylic paint reliefs by Olivier Julia, glass and plexiglass artworks by Freddie Soethout, Let de Kok, Sybille Pattscheck and Haringa + Olijve and of course the famous porcelain reliefs by London-based artist Kate Brett. Contact us at in case you are interested to receive free entrance tickets, make sure to visit us at stand I4!

Amy Gensers’ nature inspired paper reliefs

January 2023 – Arriving at the gallery this month are several new artworks by Connecticut-based artist Amy Genser. Carrying titles that speak to ones imagination such as Studio Sunset, Cradled, Kelp Rising and Stretch, her beautiful rolled mulberry paper reliefs on acrylic painted backdrops are truly amazing. She continues to be fascinated by the flow of water, the shape of beehives, and the organic irregularity of plants, flowers, rock formations, barnacles, moss, and seaweed. Her pieces bring to mind aerial landscape views, satellite imagery, and biological cellular processes.

Marking the 10th year of our cooperation we are happy to offer these new artworks to our European art lovers and collectors. Each work is framed in a bespoke white wooden frame with museum glass.